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Sailor Moon Musicals: Seramyu

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Sailor Moon is back baby! New anime coming up this winter. (Winter is Coming) And the musicals return to Japan September 13th, on break since 2005. But we're going to celebrate just after it's opening weekend right here in Los Angeles.

It's Sailor Moon + Musical Theater
= SeraMyu

The musicals have the ability to be both amazingly well done... and horrendously low budget. The end result being usually impressive/hilariously bad. We shall celebrate both these aspects. I have them all, so we have our pick. My personal choice: myu at it's best, Final First Stage Eien Densetsu Kaiteban. myu at it's most hilarious: Super S. But other choices can be made in the comments section.

There'll be pizza! Further food and drink contributions most appreciated.
And should there be drinking as we partake in this bedazzled spectacle?
How can there NOT? XD

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Join us as the senshi dance in the stage prepared moonlight!
Or tsukini kawatte oshikyo!