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Interactive Kundalini & White Tantra Yoga+Ecstatic Touch w/Breath/Movement/Sound

Hosted by The Santa Monica Law of Attraction & International Meetup

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series: Pre-register for 4 gatherings in-a-row by 1 week before! (Scroll Down for How To Register ( Internalize & Embody the Law Of Attraction by circulating the practice thru your entire body, mind & spirit w/*Interactive* ecstatic workout practices from the lands of the Arabian Nights Fantasies! Clear your mind, release your steam, be touched/nurtured/embraced & experience a deeper sense of community! Done in pairs, small groups & as 1 physically connected circle; these exultant fully clothed exercises leave you turned on by life; not sexual:

Presence the needs of your core self, circulate positive thoughts/intentions thru the core of your being, & deeply release everything & anything not good for you! Meditating on our goals, focusing on positive thoughts, w/some Affirmation guidance from the teacher, this playshop is otherwise --*Wordless* physically touching standing, sitting, reclining postures, w/option to do either: Interactive Kundalini Yoga (touching fingertips, back to back, etc], ~Or~ closer White Tantra Yoga (Hugging postures). Then: Whimsyum White Tantra ecstatic endorphin-filled, dynamically healing breathwork-movement-therapeutic-touch activities w/Tibetan Bowl & Medicine Drum! more (



Ongoing Community Series; 4th Sundays

Register in advance for 4 gathering dates in a row, by following instructions at option below that applies to you: Register by 2 days before the gathering you wish to start attending (I can't guarantee there will be space if you don't register far in advance!): Within 48 hrs of receiving your registration, I’ll email you the address:


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$120 to $240 sliding scale contribution is requested but not required to our ongoing fundraiser which keeps these gatherings free: Make contributions here: ( Then voicemail Diana your name, phone#, & RSVP.


If you've attended 3 things Diana’s hosted:
Make a $120 deposit here: ( Your deposit will be returned at beginning of 4th gathering ***unless you cancel, are late, or leave early; then your deposit gets contributed to our fundraiser.*** If you miss, though you forfeit your deposit, you’re still just as welcome to attend the gatherings you’ve registered for, + register in the future


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Join us for a meaningful magical SO FUN interactive gathering w/warm wonderful loving people, great exchanges of energy, heartfelt connections, combined w/nurturing physical support, & occasional bursts of glee & laughter! A beautiful open expansive place w/gentle breezes caressing us, in a sweet circle of trees, looking up thru the leaves & into the wide open sky.

This is about community, connecting w/all human beings: You need to be comfortable sharing exercises w/any gender; moving to a new person at end of each activity.

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Hosted by Diana, founder of The WHIMSYUM Future Studies Institute, read about Diana: (