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Walk/Discuss Infinite Positive Possibilities in Sci-Fi/Fantasy Books/Movie/TV!

Hosted by The Santa Monica Law of Attraction & International Meetup

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What we read/watch affects how we think, how we interact w/life, what we bring into our life, & how we shape the world! Tired of cynical, dystopian fiction -- wars, apocalypses, & bad attitudes?: Many of us read/watch positive Sci-Fi/Fantasy regularly like a meditation; filling our lives w/inspiring & perception-expanding ideas of community & the future, shared there:

Take it 1 step farther & have that kind of community regularly by meeting people in this awesome community who consciously choose a *positive life* focused around sharing these stories & inspiring them to happen in our lives!


( 12:00 pm another free gathering: )

2:30 pm:

introduce each other & share discussion ideas while people are arriving.

2:45pm WALK & Discussion:

***We’ll leave on the dot!

3:45pm: Bring a snack for yourself or to share:

***The walk will end at a different park, about 6 blocks from Douglas Park.***


The 1st step to creating a happy fulfilling life is being able to see it, & have faith in it. This supports confronting challenges w/more interest, openness to find over-looked opportunities they contain, & creatively transform them into positive stories. We then become the positive 'story', -- & by truly LIVING, educate & inspire everyone who comes in contact w/us to shift & transform their lives as well; & in doing so positively change the world.

Share about fav Sci-Fi/Fantasy Books/movies/TV w/a positive tone & happy ending: Imaginative, inspiring, sustainable ideas of worlds/cities/human-lifestyles; resourceful characters who think outside-the-box, work together in interesting ways, have successful relationships, surrounded by awesome community!

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~Diana(310)[masked] phone doesn’t accept txt msgs, but fine to leave voicemail 24hrs I won't check internet after 6pm day before. Phone will be on 11:45am to 12:15pm day of gathering