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Conference Call! HISTORIC UPBEAT Fiction /Autobiography/Fairs/Balls/Sites +Yoga

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Conference Call! HISTORIC UPBEAT Fiction /Autobiography/Fairs/Balls/Sites +Yoga



Informal gathering of friends, if the below description inspires your friendship, you're welcome to join us!❤️

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What we read/watch & do w/our time -- affects how we think, how we interact w/life, what we bring into our life, & how we shape the world! Monthly gather for peers who consciously choose a positive life, love UPBEAT HISTORIC Stories & Adventures; & share them w/each other!: We recommend/share favorite upbeat historical:

A). Fiction + (Auto)biography BOOKS/MOVIES/TV (for adults, teens, or precocious kids): Pre-historic, Ancient, Classical Antiquity, Medieval, Renaissance, Regency, Victorian, Turn of the century, etc. Including Science Fiction & Fantasy Fiction w/historic themes or origins, + Alternate Histories. + historic Fairy Tales + New Versions:

Stories w/not just happy endings, but depth; w/unusual, positive perspectives/circumstances/solutions: Where one senses from the beginning everything's going to work out. Characters find unexpected kindness/friendships along the way. Especially where an individual, or group of friends cleverly transcend challenges, & create positive change in their community;

B). Faires, Reenactments, Balls, Museums, Sites & other Historic Adventures...!;

C). Humorous or Exotic Experiences from your or other's Journeys;

D). Explore Archeological or Anthropological musings together...

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***To join us you need to fully participate in activities + happy to share w/anyone no matter their style/shape/background/age/gender/etc):

3). YOGA CLASS (styles/teachers vary: Yoga extraordinarily increases fitness/wellbeing/longevity; minimizes, & frequently eliminates, health issues: Support each other having a regular practice & profoundly increasing the quality of our lives!);

4). Group-conversation-Exploration: UPBEAT HISTORIC Stories & Adventures!😊❤️

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Exhilarating Infinite Possibilities afternoon outside mainstream thinking/living! Warm wonderful people, nurturing/releasing exercise, depth, imagination & laughter! Cocreate in extraordinary ways which inspire each other to truly LIVE, & cause positive revolutions in each other, & our culture, right now; not some time in the future😊❤️*~

~This community is for people committed to positive constructive actions & being genuinely kind to every human being in all interactions, everywhere~

Meet non 9 to 5 peers ( w/weekdays off ), or who work at home (or join us at lunch time!) --

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I'm hosting a lot more gathers to keep weekday groups small for those of us who enjoy the extra attention, chance to connect deeper, & more informal chill space that happen in a small group: Can't guarantee group will be small(as drop-in & posted on many lists) but plz just attend if you enjoy small groups, thank you!

Hugs! ~Diana:

WE DON'T COMMUNICATE VIA EMAIL/TEXT/Social-Networks; ONLY live-PHONE/voicemail GIVEN OUT IN PERSON 1ST TIME YOU ATTEND: So if you're new & have questions, simply join us if you’re inspired, & ask at your 1st gather Thank you!

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