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Body & Brain Yoga/Tai Chi centers offer physical training, Body & Brain Energy Healing Center in Manoa offers self healing and meditation training using breath work, qigong, and mindfulness training.

If you've ever felt overwhelmed with stress and tension, have emotions that seem to be in charge of you instead of the other way around, or if you're dealing with a mind that doesn't know how to rest, even when you sleep, we can help.

Call 808-691-9642 to book a introduction and energy evaluation. We will check your aura with our bio-feedback machine so you can see what your mind/body/spirit balance is, we check your chakras and the emotional energy you are holding within your organs, and give you a deeper insight to what may be holding you back from being the ultimate you.

One-on-one training and group training available.

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President William McKinley High School

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