Canceled Meetup

Cancelled - New Date TBD - Planning Mtg. - North Bay for NARD in SF

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This will be another planning meeting for people that couldn't come to the first one in East Bay or second one in South Bay. So if you've been, you don't have to come to this one but you can if you'd like! Not much new will be discussed. Jacinda Beth will explain the ideas we have for the full event that day and then need people to sign up for things they can help with and want to do at the event as well.

National Animal Rights Day is coming to SF Bay this year, I want this to be touching and to open eyes! We need to have the numbers, let's get everyone we know to make it to this. Have everyone get June 1st on their calendars now and join the group here to help us plan, it is going to be a lot of work but we will make it happen!

Shows the inspiration that IgualdadAnimal - AnimalEquality was to the world. Now other cities are following their lead in making this event happen in other cities all over the world.

Last year Los Angeles and NYC did and we will be doing one similar to L.A.'s but a bit different. The difference I want for us, is that there will be a story for each animal and they will all have names to make this more personal for onlookers because we really want to wake them up!

This meeting will to be for people that really want to help all you can. We have a lot of duties we need to see who can help with anything from helping get photographers, people who can film, fundraising to pay for this event, people to help with speeches, all the behind the scenes things, and to get the animals (all answers will be answered at the meeting about this, I am not going to get into more online, although everything you need to know is posted in the FB group about this).