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Get Started with Instagram Marketing

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Mia C.
Get Started with Instagram Marketing


Want to learn how to use Instagram to market your business?

I'd love to teach you!

I'll start with all the basics, such as:

- How to optimise your Instagram bio to attract followers

- How to turn followers into email subscribers

- How to post content that your audience will love

- How to create clients from Instagram

This class is perfect for:

- Women who have (or aspire to have) their own business, such as Coaches, Consultants or Service-Providers such as Book-Keepers, Graphic Designers, Web Designers, Virtual Assistants etc

- Women who are new or still growing their business on Instagram

Who this is NOT for:

- Men (sorry guys! There are plenty of other classes out there for you, but I want to make this a safe space for women entrepreneurs)

- Instagram influencers and experts (this covers the basics)

- People who are not interested in growing their business with Instagram (there will be more classes on different topics in the future!)


1. Meet and Greet - let us know who you are, where you are from, and tell us about your business

2. Instagram class from Mia Carter

3. Q&A

4. Next steps

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Marketing for Women in Business
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