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Learn how a professional marketer can enhance you is a meetup for business professionals, business owners, career seekers, and just individuals who want to learn more about what Carly Calabrese, career coach/business marketer/writer/editor/LinkedIn Consultant does for businesses, career seekers, individuals, and freelance opportunities.

Carly Calabrese, founder/leader of this meetup performs seminars on marketing yourself to get a job, business, or how someone such as Carly can enhance you in general (even if you are not a career seeker or business owner) that are not free, but open to the public. To keep it fresh, new, and never boring, Carly has done other events that are not marketing seminars, for example, book fairs and a Christmas party that won't blow your diet!

She's also created and hosted more "relaxed" networking events in the summer that consist of educational games, where half of the events included dinner and the opportunity to perform your one minute commercial/introduction, make any announcements in your business, pass out business cards & flyers, and then dive into an educational game that can benefit everyone.

For example, in July 2019, she hosted a sushi or chicken teriyaki dinner meal option networking event where 4 games of "Befuddled" were played (a word game similar to Scrabble) as well as another networking event where we played "PAYDAY" board game which is similar to real life, how well are you at having business(es), getting paid, receiving good, bad, and junk mail, and good and bad things happen to you bill wise and in general (similar to real life) and the person who has the most money in the end wins. The "Befuddled" word game Carly won all 4 games since she is a writer after all and did win her third grade spelling bee! :) The PAYDAY game she had never played before and won as well with $32,600 cash in the end. Managing money is a trait all people should have regardless if they are a business owner, business professional, career seeker, etc. She also had an Italian night with homemade Tacoma Boys pizza and playing the National Italian card game Scopa in Aug. 2019.

Carly sends the same information that is sent out on her newsletter on her meetup pages things like: her upcoming events and featured business services, which can be purchased from her newsletter securely & privately without her seeing your card info as well as other business news. The purpose is to keep her in mind for referrals and business, so be sure to subscribe to receive her email notifications. **It is free to be a part of her meetup group, but her events and services are not free.**

Carly looks forward to meeting you at her next event and/or offering a free, no obligation up to 15 minute phone chat at a time that works for you and her in regards to getting more information if you decide to hire her for career coaching, business marketing consultations, writing, editing, and LinkedIn services.

If you have any questions, feel free to email Carly at: info@worksolutionstoday.com.

Thank you!

Carly Calabrese

Email me: info@worksolutionstoday.com

Work Solutions - "Providing career assistance, business marketing consulting, writing, editing, and LinkedIn services for individuals and freelance opportunities."

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“Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them.”–William Arthur Ward

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Scopa Italian card game & homemade pizza networking night

Upstairs room of the Daffodil Bowling Alley

PAYDAY board game networking night

Upstairs room of the Daffodil Bowling Alley

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