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Magnetize your Marketing & Attract More Ideal Clients

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In a world where most self-employed professionals feel pressure to find the next BIG thing to grow their companies and attract new clients. Many of them resort to using popular trends and strategies without really understanding how to leverage the most important business asset they have: themselves!

Because there are so many ways to market and sell your services these days, it is easy to feel overwhelmed about where to start and what to choose. However, learning to how use simple, straightforward tools with authentic principles and methods can help any marketing strategy easily build client relationships based on high trust and create a more natural, profitable selling process.

In this presentation you will learn:

The 3 Things that Most Self-Employed Professionals Do that Stop Prospective Clients from Working with them. How to Align Your Business Mission and Marketing Message in a Way that Gets the Attention of Your IDEAL Clients. The Science Behind why Most Marketing Doesn’t Work. How to Become More Attractive to Prospective Clients. Ian Chambers is a speaker, business coach and authentic marketing expert who excels at helping entrepreneurs and independent professionals of small to medium sized companies, achieve business breakthroughs by helping them align their business mission with an authentic marketing system so that they can elevate their levels of passion, and purpose, while boosting profitability.

Since 2008, Ian has been developing a simple, easy-to-use system, the Four Pillars of Authentic Marketing to help small business owners, consultants, coaches, and self-employed professionals breathe new life into their marketing and make quantum leaps in their business success. His biggest accomplishment to date was learning to authentically market his own small business and more than double his conversion rate and collections, creating a very healthy six-figure income in less than a year!

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