What we're about

Welcome to the Maryland Hiking Club! We are a group of outdoor enthusiasts who love to explore the beautiful trails and natural landscapes that Maryland has to offer. Our group is open to anyone, regardless of skill level. Whether you're a seasoned hiker or just starting, you'll find plenty of friendly faces and great company on our trips. So come join us as we discover the beauty of our state and enjoy the great outdoors together!

Hiking is an amazing hobby, that's great for the mind, soul, and body. However, it's also a very isolating hobby. There are just not many avenues to meet like-minded people in the hiking community. So, I started this group to help meet other hikers in the community!

Hiking can fall under many different subcategories; some people hike to nature watch and bird watching. Others hike for fitness goals. And some just like walking outside in nature. This group is for every type of hiker. Inclusivity is important in this community and it is important to respect each other's style of hiking. I imagine some people may be introverted, just want to go hiking, and not want to talk and hike ahead but still want to be a part of a community. That is completely okay!

The two most important things in the Maryland Hiking Club are:

1. Respect for others
2. Respect for nature

Respecting others means that there is a zero-tolerance harassment policy, if you are found to be harassing another member, you will be kicked out. There is also an understanding that everyone is different and has different views. This club and events are not the proper places for installing your views on others or discussing controversial topics. It is just not appropriate when others are trying to enjoy nature. Another way to respect others is to follow proper hygienic routines such as showering, brushing your teeth, and not playing music from speakers. It's also important that during hikes Dogs must be leashed.

Respecting nature means there is a zero-tolerance littering policy. This group will enforce strict leave-no-trace principles. We are very fortunate to live in a time where we can still have time to observe the beautiful nature around us and is important to remember that we need to be kind to nature.

It is important to remember that people's paces may differ. One person may want to stop and look around or take breaks, while another person just likes to put in earbuds and zone out. In this community, each style is okay and supported.

This group will do many different types of hikes. From general, easy hikes to long, strenuous all-day hikes. It is the personal responsibility of the group members to assess their fitness levels. We will like the all-trails route before the hike, please strongly consider the hike before you partake in it. At the end of the day, you are responsible for bringing snacks and water. We as a community can help if there is an emergency but being 5 miles deep into a hike and collapsing from heat exhaustion is something that we all want to avoid.

Past events (3)

McKeldin Switchback Trail Hike!

Patapsco Valley State Park- McKeldin Area

Centennial Lake Loop Hike

Centennial Park West