• Tour and tool demo at World's Largest Tool store A.W. Meyer in Ridgefield NJ

    Took some work but I got A.W. Meyer, world's largest tool store, to do a special open house for Master Craftsman club. We will have their staff woodworking expert Dick Barnett on hand to answer any questions and some tool demos. If you have ever thought about what tool to use or where to find a certain tool, this is the place.

  • Master Craftsman club presents meet the founder at Tarrytown Street Fair 6/2

    This event is special to me, last year I decided to rent a spot on Main St. at the Tarrytown Street Fair to showcase some my woodworking projects. I spent the most enjoyable day speaking with people about their love of woodworking. So this year I will be setting up again to promote Master Craftsman woodworking club and some of my new creations. Hope you can attend its a great day filled with artists, craftsman and food. Fun for whole family open to the public.

  • Learn to make tournament size wood chessboard with craftsman Christopher Trotta

    Chris Trotta is an expert craftsman. A throw back to when craftsman were working artists. His company, Trotta Custom Cabinetry, was built on expert craftsmanship, delivering hand-crafted & superior quality products. Recently, Chris began indulging his artistic instincts with a line of chessboards to enhance the natural beauty of wood. Chris will be opening his 4,000 square foot showroom/workshop to teach you how to make a custom wood chessboard. In this class, Chris takes you on the craftsman's process choosing the right contrasting wood species, cutting to tournament size, fitting, glue up process, framing, sanding and finishing techniques. The class fee covers all material used in class. Attendees receive a 20% discount towards the purchase of any in stock chessboard and cutting board. Class format is instructional based. Chris will cover tool preparation and safety procedures in detail, attendees will have hands on participation during sanding and finishing. (for insurance reasons attendees will not be permitted to operate heavy machinery.)