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Anyone who has used even basic technical analysis (TA) to analyse the financial markets would have realised that something might be amiss. You might have asked if we are trying to forecast numbers from other numbers ( future prices over time ), then why aren't we using maths to make the calculations instead of arbitrary concepts like hand drawn lines and indicators based on something someone thought up ? The main problem with most TA techniques are that they are non objective and arbitrary in nature. They have no foundation in science or maths and this is an issue because if they are not objective then every other way of drawing some line would be just as ' valid ' as any other one which makes it a self defeating exercise.

I have worked in and traded the financial markets for over 15 years, you can see my trading record on my website but a few years ago I noticed these problems in the market, as it was obvious that very little real maths was used in TA. I began to investigate this further and eventually this led me to creating Mathemarkets. That's the short story anyway.

Take trendlines for instance, why is it that we must join up the lowest low to the highest low to establish an uptrend ? Why not any other way ? In fact maths has an answer for this and it is completely and unambiguously objective, using numbers to draw a trendline which is based on numbers – what could be more natural and obvious than this ?

Another example are chart patterns like head and shoulders, double, triple tops and so on. How many times have you spotted a H & S formation only to find that 5 minutes later it is completely ruined when it turns out to be a left shoulder or when someone sees and draws a left shoulder you see a full H & S. This happens because drawing the shapes are like trendlines - entirely subjective. You may be surprised but again maths has a completely objective technique to draw these shapes and it will take all the guesswork out of this.

The good news is that you need not ditch your TA, you could simply supercharge it by adding basic maths. The ΜⅡ® Mathemarkets® system is designed precisely to help you do this, to bridge the gap between the markets and basic maths in non–jargon ' street maths ' and plain English.

In fact you have nothing to lose and all to gain because till further notice I will be giving a full refund guarantee if not satisfied on all courses in this group. I am genuinely excited to share this knowledge with you and truly look forward to introducing you to the unique and revolutionary concepts of Mathemarkets.

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