Socialist Feminism Reading Group 🌹

Hosted by Metro DC Democratic Socialists of America (MDC DSA)

Public group
Metro DC Democratic Socialists of America (MDC DSA)
Metro DC Democratic Socialists of America (MDC DSA)
Public group

The Festival Center

1640 Columbia Rd., NW · Washington, DC

How to find us

Ring the doorbell and we'll come let you right in! Our meeting room and ADA accessible restrooms are located on the building's ground floor.

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Please read our reading group Participation Guide ( and join us as we explore and discuss topics within Socialist Feminism. 🌹

This month, our readings focus on the Earth our home: we'll be talking about dismantling our cultural beliefs in domination and exploitation, and centering social reproduction and regenerative labor in the fight for our lives.


The Misogyny of Climate Deniers, Martin Gelin in The New Republic,[masked]: "[C]limate science, for skeptics, becomes feminized—or viewed as 'oppositional to assumed entitlements of masculine primacy.'"

A Green New Deal vs. Revolutionary Ecosocialism, Wayne Price in Anarkismo,[masked]: "[T]o prevent this, they would whip up racism, sexual hysteria, and nationalism, subsidize fascist gangs, urge a military coup, distort or try to shut down elections and outlaw oppositions."

Ecofeminist Sociology as a New Class Analysis, Ariel Saleh in Global Dialogue,[masked]: "[R]egenerative labor skill is indispensable to a sustainable global future and the remarkable fact is that it is already practiced by the worldwide majority of workers."

How the Women of Standing Rock Are Building Sovereign Economies, Tracy L. Barnett in Yes! Magazine,[masked]: "When did we wait for laws and policies to be created so that we could have a community? When did that happen?"

How My Father’s Ideas Helped the Kurds Create a New Democracy, Debbie Bookchin in New York Review of Books,[masked]: "[T]he notion of dominating nature was preceded by, and stemmed from, the domination of human by human and that only by eliminating social hierarchies—of gender, race, sexual orientation, age, and status—could we begin to solve the environmental crisis."

The Ecosocialist Imperative, Hannah Holleman in Left Voice,[masked]: "Like climate change today, the ultimate source of the crisis was social, not technological, thus requiring massive social change to address."

How to Cope with the End of the World, Maria Farrell in Medium,[masked]: "If you run a country or a planet like a business, the further into the future you look, the higher the risk to your assets and returns, so the less they are worth as time goes on."