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ALL BEEF Grab bags from Spring Lake Farms

Price: $159.94 /per person

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Spring Lake Farms is offering aN ALL BEEF GRAB BAG.

These animals were butchered at various times throughout the year and the date is labelled on each cut. We will be hosting a boar share this weekend and a steer share in July. I do not know exactly how many of each cut , but I can assure you that Spring Lake Farms is always extremely generous in their sampler packs. They aim to please their discerning meat eating customers.

The total cost for your beef/pork grab box will be $159.94. The box is $150 plus a $5 meetup fee plus a $4.94 paypal fee. If you would like your meat delivered, the farmer's will do so for an additional $16. If you would like your meat delivered, please add this $16 on to your total (which will now be $165.94) and follow the instructions below.

Spring Lake has a great website Ulla Kjarval, the farmer's daughter also writes a farming & food blog with several recipes to complement the meat her parent's raise. Our beef has been completely grass-fed. Ingi Kjarval, our farmer, has been cross-breeding his cattle to help build a smaller, sturdier steer that does well in upstate NY on grass. Our cows are part Simmental, Hereford, Angus & Highland.