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Empowering the Masculine - An Open Meeting of the Brotherhood

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How can we men awaken to a more empowered masculine presence? Where is our edge and how do we find the strength and support to live a life of action and accountability in alignment with our deepest purpose? This is an invitation for all men who wish to explore their masculinity through group exercises, inspiring feedback, and empowering challenges. The Brotherhood, a tribe of men who gather every week, will be leading this open Men's Workshop on Tuesday, June 11, 2013 from 7:30-9:30pm at Chelsea Studios in Manhattan.

We will be collecting $10 per participant.

It's our Mission to create a safe and sacred space to allow our Brothers to take off their armor, put down their shields, and open themselves to the strength and beauty of challenging interactions and exercises with other men, as well as giving and receiving supportive feedback within a group dynamic. This gathering is an introduction to Men’s Work open to both newcomers and experienced men who would like to connect with other conscious men. Bring a friend, a co-worker, a brother -- you know who they are! Come celebrate with other spiritual brothers who are committed to living their deepest truth and offering their greatest gifts.


What is a Men's group?

A men's group is a group of men who meet regularly and are committed to the goals of learning to serve each other to deeper spiritual growth, keeping each other true to their deepest life's purpose, and practicing giving their unique gifts to each other and the world.

Five Reasons For A Man To Join a Men's Group

Paraphrased from David Deida’s "The Way of the Superior Man”

1) BE IN THE COMPANY OF OTHER MEN - A man discovers and fine-tunes his purpose in solitude, in challenging situations, and in the company of other men who won't settle for his bullshit. A man’s capacity to receive another mans direct criticism is a measure of his capacity to receive masculine energy.

2) HAVE MEN HOLD YOU ACCOUNTABLE FOR LIVING YOUR DEEPEST PURPOSE - Your mission is your priority. Unless you know your mission and have aligned your life to it, your core will feel empty. Your presence in the world will be weakened, as will your presence with your intimate partner.

3) FIND MEN WHO ARE AS DEDICATED AS YOU ARE - Be in the company of other men who have dedicated their lives to integrity, truth, and the heart. You and these men will be dedicated to live with an open heart and give your deepest gifts of love, mission and presence.

4) SUPPORT YOUR EDGE WITH OTHER MEN - Choose male friends who themselves are living at their edge, facing their fears and living just beyond them. Men of this kind can empower you to confront the necessary realities that your life involves.

5) CUT THROUGH YOUR BS - At least once a week, get together with your men friends to serve one another. Cut through the bullshit and talk with each other straight. Welcome such criticisms from your friends. Suggest challenges for each other to take on in order to bring each other through limiting fears.