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Learn about meditation through Edgar Cayce's practical lessons

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The book "A Search for God" book I and book II by the Edgar Cayce Foundation is being used for study and for exercises on meditation techniques that leads to psychic development.

Offered every Sunday from 2 to 4 pm.

facilitator Reverend Nick Sourant

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A class is held in historic, beautiful, spiritual town of Cassadaga at the Raven's Lair, home of Nick Sourant. We will begin by reading and discussing carefully, as slow as a paragraph at a time, the chapter on "Meditation" in Book I of "A Search for God". One can buy one volume at a time starting with Book one. There's two books. Just get the first one for a while. It may take a year to get through one book. And it's not that thick, but it's that profound. New students don't need to have the book for the first few meetups, the book is shared and everyone gets to read a paragraph during a meetup. A prayer {Perhaps a non-denominational Lord's Prayer, or a Psalm, or something like that} and quiet meditation of five minutes or so offered at the beginning and at the end.


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Books I and II [of "A Search for God"]--here combined in one volume--are based on so-called readings dictated by the sleeping prophet Edgar Cayce (EC) in weekly sessions witnessed by members of a study group from 1931 to 1942. This work may represent the gold standard, ten out of ten, of extrasensory prophetic wisdom revealed in the 20th century. Students of A Course in Miracles (ACIM) would probably contest that claim but although a son of Cayce (Hugh Lynn) had some interest in ACIM for a time, the theology of ACIM is radically different from that of the Cayce material. Most Christians whose theology is orthodox would--if they had an open mind and spirit--find that much of the Cayce readings in this book conform to traditional biblical doctrine and Christology. In contrast, very few Christians would be able to reconcile their beliefs with those presented in ACIM.


May a few of you be able to benefit from this class.



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