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Practice and Talk Meeting
2nd and 4th Sundays of the month Ideal for beginners to the most veteran practitioners Just attend, practice, and learn. Twice a month, we offer two unique (teen - adult only) opportunities to explore the core teachings and practices of Buddhism as a philosophy of life. Our Practice & Talks are non-committing occasions to learn about Buddhism in a nurturing, gentle, and systematic way. Open to the general public. No experience necessary. Visit The Practice & Talk is divided in a few segments: Reflection, Meditation, and Talk. The first segment of the Sunday morning practice focuses on a couple of standard and short Buddhist rituals like going for refuge; the second part focuses on meditation practices, which include voice and sitting meditation plus sutra (scriptural) chanting; the third portion of the P & T is devoted to an intellectual engagement with the teachings. There is no lecturing or sermonizing; participation is important but not required. The talk can be a discussion of a reading, a formal talk but it is always enveloped with discussion and Q & A. The session becomes a learning experience for everyone including the teacher. A short Introduction to Meditation Training session will be held before the gathering at 8:45 a.m. (if volunteers are available) Address: Buddhist Faith Fellowship, 343 Washington Terrace, Middletown, CT. About the Unique Meditation Space Our meditation space is unmatched in Connecticut. You might have to go to Japan to experience a similar traditional atmosphere. The room is adorned with lightly colored wood with traditional designs that create a serene ambiance that soothes the mind and senses. An entire wall is a clear glass window that overlooks a spectacular Zen garden and adjacent tatami room.

Buddhist Faith Fellowship

Mansfield Freeman Center 343 Washington Terrace · Middletown, CT

What we're about

Come and join us.

Discover liberation from craving and addiction.

Most Mondays

7:00 – 8:30 p.m.

Church of the Holy Trinity

381 Main Street, Middletown

WE WOULD LIKE TO WELCOME YOU to our 12 Step Buddhist Group, a non- sectarian chapter of the Buddhist Faith Fellowship of Connecticut. We are a community focused on recovery.

We use both the buddhist version of the 12 Steps and the Buddha's Eightfold path to help us in our collective journey into a mindful and recovery oriented lifestyle. You do not need to be in any specific kind of recovery to participate in the group. We welcome anyone who struggles with the suffering associated with addiction and craving or those touch by them via family, friends and other relationships, and who seeks to cultivate freedom and peace through living mindfully.

Our meetings include inspirational Buddhist scriptural readings, silent meditation, mindfulness, prayer and plenty of discussion. Brief meditation instruction is always given to new guests. In addition, all guests will receive an inspirational gift book called, A Teaching A Day.

We are a complimentary approach to recovery. We are not a substitute. Seeing a therapist, doctor, counselor etc. are still advisable and necessary on the road to full recovery.

In order to see and listen about this unique community and to learn more about our basic philosophy, visit our 12 Step Buddhist YouTube video. (

For Buddhists and Non-Buddhists

You do not need to be a Buddhist to participate in our group. Anyone can benefit from mindfulness practice and the buddhist teachings. Also, we are a non-sectarian Buddhist community open to the fundamental teachings accepted by all branches of the Buddhist tradition.

You also do not need to be in any specific kind of recovery to participate in our group. We welcome anyone who struggles with the suffering associated with craving and who seeks to cultivate peace through living mindfully.

A Circle of Equals

We are a circle of equals. No one member is more important than any other. Our group will only thrive if we choose to approach it in a spirit of compassion and interconnectedness. We ask that members be mindful of one another's anonymity and confidentiality.


If you are interested in participating or are looking for more information about our Buddhist 12 Step Group, please contact us at

Free Parking

There is plenty of street parking in front of and in the rear of the church.

Our History

Founded in 2005, originally under the name of BUDDHA GAIA, it focused solely on environmental issues. We covered issues like global climate change and doing local community litter clean ups. Buddha Gaia was the social action arm of the Buddhist Faith Fellowship of Connecticut located in Middletown.

As time went on, new social action interests came to a fore, and we shifted our direction to ending craving and addiction. So, we renamed and reorganized ourselves as the 12 Buddhists, Social and Environmental Group in late 2008. The “Social and Environmental” part of our name was a throw back to the Buddha Gaia days but since 2008 we pretty much dedicated ourselves as a 12 Buddhist Group. So, finally in 2010 we renamed ourselves again to the 12 Step Buddhist Meetup to represent our sole mission to end craving and addiction through the Buddha’s teachings.

We are still a chapter of the Buddhist Faith Fellowship (BFF), but we do not promote any particlar buddhist school. We are non-sectarian arm of the BFF. Normally 6 -15 people attend our meetings and come from many venues, not just this Meetup.

What is the Buddhist Faith Fellowship? It is New England's largest Shin Buddhist community and the fastest growing Shin comununty in the USA with chapters in many states. To learn more visit

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