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“Developing a consistent meditation practice” 6-week workshop series

Price: $5.00 /per person
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Having trouble getting your tush on the cush? You are not alone! Let's get together and talk about ways to develop a more consistent meditation practice. Whether you are just starting out or have years of meditation experience, come learn and share about what makes consistent practice possible. Each week we'll explore another challenge and/or strategy in order to develop some new tools and collectively support each other's practice. Topics will include: setting the habit, overcoming distractions/excuses, recognizing benefits, cultivating self compassion, developing a meditator identity, and relying on sangha. Dharma talks, short articles and homework will help us explore each topic. Teachings used will be Buddhist or Buddhist inspired, though not solely affiliated with a particular lineage or teacher. The workshop is donation-based, and any donations will be used to create a new sangha space at Kerry's for ongoing group sits and retreats.

Week 3: Recognizing benefits

· Identifying the fruits of practice as a means to stay invested in practice