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What we’re about

As we wake up each morning, we are faced with a changing world of new sets of rules, limitations, and uncertainty. Work is different. Any social life has ground to a halt. “Social Distancing” is suddenly a word that we know and hear daily. Our anxiety and negativity thrive on to the unknown. After a certain point, our minds can lead us into some dark mental spaces. This overwhelming feel led to the biggest question everyone asked “What can I do to feel at peace and uplift my spirit?”

We want to take part and help you to focus on the positive and recharge mentally and spiritually. Our goal is to help you to embark on your spiritual journey and deal with everyday stress.

Each month, we will have a virtual event led by Venerable Nicholas from DIMC (Dhammakaya International Meditation Center) We explore ways on how meditation can nurture optimism and build emotional flexibility so you can handle instability.

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to join our group! Everyone of all ages is welcome here!