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DETAILS: As a born a Medium, Intuitive & Psychic Channel, I lived a "normal" life until a series of traumatic losses and life-altering events brought forth a latent enhanced spiritual awareness that I was simply no longer able to ignore.​ Becoming relentless with my thirst for spiritual understanding, I became a dedicated full time student of the Intuitive Arts, Psychic Development, Energy Healing, Trance Channeling and Mediumistic Unfoldment.
In addition to cultivating and deepening my natural connection directly with the Spirit World, I attended the prestigious Arthur Findlay College of Mediumship and Psychic Sciences ( in England where I went on to spend years working and developing around the world learning from the best of the best of psychic-medium mentors and colleagues as well as from the people which I lovingly serve.

My mission is to bring forward the teachings of a universal spirituality in an authentic and relatable way. I offer live Guided Meditation ( classes which enable you to unlock your spirituality by placing you in a state of calm.

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