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Whether you already have a meditation practice or no experience at all, come and join us!

Free talks across London and Kent will expand your understanding of the different forms of meditation and give you a taste of mindfulness in a group meditation experience. If you wish, you can go on to learn Transcendental Meditation with our highly experienced independent teachers either at a course near you or on retreat in the Kent countryside.

The Meditation Trust (http://www.meditationtrust.com)was established as a registered charity in 1999 with a mission to make Transcendental Meditation (‘TM’) accessible and affordable for all. Part of our mission is to offer free talks and group meditations so that people can experience the many benefits mediation has to offer to everyday life.

The Meditation Trust website (http://www.meditationtrust.com) is wealth of information. We offer a free ebook which you can download here (http://www.meditationtrust.com/transcendental-meditation-explained-free-ebook/) and have introductory videos which explain what meditation is and other meditators experiences which you may find useful to watch here. (http://www.meditationtrust.com/transcendental-meditation-videos/)

We also have a Meditation Trust facebook page here (https://www.facebook.com/meditation.trust) if you would like to join the discussion or keep up dated with regular news.

Anyone already interested in meditation will know that there are many different practices, all with different positive effects. The type of meditation you practice will depend on what results you are looking for at that point in time.

Research indicates three main categories of meditation:

1. Focused Attention or concentration techniques (e.g. Zen, Qi gong, Vipassana)

2. Open Monitoring (including mindfulness-based techniques)

3. Automatic Self-Transcending (AST) (e.g. Transcendental Meditation)

This meet up is open to anyone already practising any of these techniques, with the experience of group meditation really speeding up your progress. You will also get to meet even more like minded people and join them for some social events.

You will get to learn more about the third category of meditation, which, through the absence of concentration or control (‘Automatic’ means innocence is the key), has the particularly profound effect of allowing the mind to transcend (go beyond the surface level of the mind) very easily, even transcending the steps of the meditation practice itself! We therefore see a unique effect in the brain - Alpha brain waves (characteristic of reduced mental activity and relaxation) permeate the whole brain, which receives more oxygen, and increased blood flow to the front (which is coordinating activity) while the core of the brain is more quiet, indicating alertness in the midst of deep rest, the state of transcendental or pure consciousness (pure silence!). From this source of thought we spontaneously return to activity with the dynamic power of silent, restful alertness which then supports all our thought, speech and action and thereby produce a great range of mental, physical and spiritual benefits as indicated by research.

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Free Online Transcendental Meditation Introductory Talk with Q&A

To register your place, please contact us and we'll send you all of the details: https://www.meditationtrust.com/contact-the-meditation-trust/ or email [masked] Join Dr Gemma Beckley (Clinical Psychologist, Trust Director & teacher) at our online zoom introductory talk where you will learn: - What stress really is - What Transcendental Meditation (TM) is & how it works - how it differs from other types of meditation, - the benefits of regular practice, - how you can start enjoying the benefits for yourself! It is recommended that you download and read our free ebook: https://www.meditationtrust.com/transcendental-meditation-explained-free-ebook/ - or contact us requesting us to send you our free information pack (by email or post) before joining. This way you can come with a basic understanding and have any outstanding questions answered.

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