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SEEKING TRUE HEART AND TRUE LIFE - Free Introductory Seminar
Meditation, look back on yourself Your happiness matters Everyone knows that meditation is helpful and important for their mind. People meditate for different purposes, like for finding peace of mind, improving their mental capability, being able to control their emotions and thoughts, finding their true nature, becoming enlightened, going to a higher state of life, and many other. Many successful people today have attributed their success due to their meditation practice. Practicing at Hong Kong Meditation you will be able to acheive your aim and actually live in that state of mind. With meditation practice at Hong Kong Meditation Centre, you can truly rest your mind. You can look back on yourself and understand your mind through this meditation. Here, you will be able to understand where you are now and where you want to be. Moreover, you can bridge the gap between them. With a self-reflection process, uncovering and throwing away anything that blocks your mind, you can change and improve your life, create self-awareness and confidence. Through this meditation one can escape from countless thoughts, burdens, and stress. With the practice, you will see positive changes and improvements gradually, in your everyday life: ▶Your face becomes bright ▷Your appearance becomes the most beautiful in your styleI ▶llnesses disappear ▷All of the mind clutter disappears ▶You are able to succeed, have 10x more efficiency ▷Exhaustion disappears ▶You are always in comfort and happy ▷You have confidence in whatever it is you do ▶You will become illness-free and have longevity ▷You can achieve human completion and live forever - by your mind Meditation benefits you. You will also discover your true, original mind by cleansing the false mind. This meditation involves a simple step-by-step method that everyone can easily follow. You will also be given full guidnace along the program. Even after completing only the first level (out of seven levels) you will come to know about your true mind with wisdom. That is the enlightenment. From this event, we will offer you the free introductory lecture. You can get more information about Hong Kong Meditation through this free introductory lecture. After you listen to the lecture, you can become a member for Hong Kong Meditation and start meditation rightaway. Contact (WhatsApp, text, call) :[masked] Email : [masked] Check out more: ( ( We are located at Glee Path 1, Mei Foo. Our meditation center is located on Floor 6, Unit D. 1 minute walk from Mei Foo MTR or bus terminal. This introduction will last about an hour to an hour and a half. If you have many plans for the day please say so before the meetup starts so we can accommodate you properly. **If you are not able to attend this event, but have an interest in Hong Kong Meditation you can contact our center to have a free personal introduction today!

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Everyone knows that meditation is very good. Over the past few decades, people have been becoming aware of the importance of mediation. Many highly successful people today have attributed their success due to their meditation practice. Hong Kong Meditation uses a simple method of letting go. Practicing at Hong Kong Meditation you will be enabled to find real happiness, peace, wisdom, and inner stability.

Hong Kong Meditation is a comfortable and easy place to meditate. It’s a welcoming environment where you can happily come and rest your mind.

This meditation has a self reflection process which can change and improve your life, create self awareness and confidence. With this meditation, one can empty one’s mind which brings actual results.

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We are located at Flat D, 6th Floor, No. 1 Glee Path, Mei Foo.

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