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The intent of this site is to help people freely learn a Silent Mantra Meditation method. We are of the belief that this path within to stillness & joyful authentic being that people experience from Silent Mantra Meditation, should be available to everyone. Silent Mantra Meditation is basically the same as Transcendental Meditation and Deepak Chopra's Primordial Sound Meditation. The TM Org and The Chopra Center charge ridiculous amounts to learn the meditation, like $2,500 per person. No one is ever turned away do to lack of funds with me. A suggested donation is $100.00 but I will work with anybody's budget. I teach private. couples and group lessons at your home or at The Harmony Hut and Three Jewels Tucson. Please email me at RickyGelb@gmail.com for more info or to schedule.

Ricky lived for decades filled with the residuals of childhood trauma, anxiety, fear and addiction. After many attempts to be freed from the bondage of self, having lost everything he loved, on the brink of insanity & suicide, serendipity and some amazing spiritual people pointed him in the right direction, within. Having found profound relaxation, gratitude, self-love, oneness with God and peace of mind, he is inspired to share his experience and help others. He believes that most people develop a false constitution when young that does not dictate authentic being, it is based greatly on the physical material world and compulsive thinking which leads to unhappiness and discomfort. Through meditation, spiritual and conscious living, we can re-write the inner constitution and experience daily gratitude, relaxation, peace in the now, self-love, coloration and joy.


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