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Find Your True Self
Find Your True Self! Bring your open minded self for a free introduction about the amazing meditation method to find your true self. During the seminar, we will explain: - What exactly the human mind is - What human completion is and how you can reach it - And provide a brief guided meditation for further understanding As you look back at yourself through self-reflection and discard all the unnecessary things, you will gain a clear understanding of who you truly are. This will bring about fundamental changes to your life. When you reach human completion, you will become genuinely happy, be up to 10 times more efficient, and have wisdom, confidence, and the most beautiful face according to your style. **If you are unable to attend one of our Meetups but are interested in Santa Clara Meditation, please contact our center today for a personal introduction.

Santa Clara Meditation

3216 Humbolt Ave · Santa Clara, CA

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Meditation is very good. Now days people are becoming aware of the importance of meditation. Many highly successful people today have attributed their success due to their meditation practice. Practicing at Santa Clara Meditation you will be enabled to find true peace, happiness, and inner stability.

Santa Clara Meditation is a comfortable, peaceful and convenient place to meditate.

This Meditation has a self reflection process which can change and improve your life, create self awareness and confidence. Through this meditation one can empty one's mind which brings real results and benefits.

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