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What we’re about

Welcome to Meditative Hiking & Spiritual Growth!
We are a group which focuses on hiking, meaningful social outings, and spiritually-oriented events intended to enhance your life.
This group takes a unique approach to group hiking which is meant to positively impact your consciousness, so that you leave different than when you arrived. Please read this description thoroughly so that you can understand what we're all about. Our hiking events revolve around the following:
• Becoming aware of your pace as a reflection of your emotional state \

• Mindful conversations
• Achieving "flow" states to receive higher inspiration
• Creating a group energy equivalent to higher quantum (spiritual) energy\

• Spiritual teachings and exercises

• Tuning into your breath
• Consciously being grounded in the body
• Cultivating presence in the moment

What you experience here is not only meant to help you create new connections & engage you physically, but also to extend as a practice in your daily life. You'll develop skills which bring you greater happiness, clarity, and advancement in your everyday experience.
Helpful Disclaimers:

*We are not liable for any injuries that occur on the hike. Every attendee is responsible for their own physical safety. However, as a group genuinely concerned with the well-being of every attendee, we would take measures to ensure every person has the support they need to the best we can.
*As a courtesy to the organizer, please be mindful of your RSVPs and update them accordingly. Members who repeatedly last-minute un-RSVP may be removed. Furthermore, 2+ no-shows will result in a potential removal depending on circumstances.