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Are you responsible for staff trainings? Do you work in the HR, OHS or R&D Department in your company? Meet our experts in person and....in your area!


We invite you to take part in 4Experience 2020 roadshow and learn how we solve problems in companies similar to yours, including:

✔ solving the talent gap, left between the number of experienced specialists that retires and the number of younger workers with the right skills to replace them

✔ improving the efficiency of production processes

✔ decreasing the accident rate, especially in the high-risk occupants

✔ decreasing employee turnover

✔ improving training results

✔ improving the efficiency of production processes


Why you should meet with us (Agenda):
1. We want to introduce you to Virtual Reality trainings, which can accelerate the process of developing soft & hard skills among workers with little to no experience. With VR, they train any scenario (including dangerous ones) multiple times until reaching the desired level of expertise.

2. You will experience immersion on your own, by testing our best VR trainings, AR application, and other solutions

3. We'll share some practical case studies related to your industry (with numbers)


Let's meet & talk in:

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