What we're about

This meetup is for professionals and people who take their business, success, and dreams seriously. Also for those who are wanting exponential growth in their life and business.

This meetup is business casual, so those who attend should dress for success as you would for a if you are to attend the meeting. It is also an interactive meeting to be able to gain clarity within ones profession and life goals as a business professional.

Bring your self, a pen, a notebook, and your mind to the meeting because this is a mastermind.

Your host will have in class activities and questions for you to work on for your own development to find the stage of growth you are currently in, including how to build momentum for where you are at in your career to help launch you into 2020 with a good framework of where you are and what action steps you can take next.

Past events (3)

Meeting of The Minds-Topic: Economic Infastructure

Austin Public Library--Central Library

Meeting of The Minds-Topic: Setting Goals and Finding Solutions

Austin Public Library--Central Library

Meeting of The Minds

Austin Public Library--Central Library

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