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The 120VC Puget Sound Meetup is a venue for Project, Change, Executive Leadership Professionals, and Entrepreneurs to strengthen their Professional networks and continue to refine their leadership skills. We are a community of Leaders focused on creating solutions for the challenges Executive Leadership Professionals and Entrepreneurs face on their mission to drive change for the benefit of their companies. Ultimately, this group strives to elevate the Practices of Leadership, Team Work and Humanity in the Work Place.

If you are interested in joining, please review our membership criteria:

Qualifying Occupations

Executive Leadership
Change Leadership/Management
Project, Program & Portfolio Management

Qualifying World View

Members of this group are driven to use their successful careers to drive positive transformational change in the world. You believe deeply in people and understand that business is nothing but an idea that people make tangible. You understand that change, success, and winning aren't about Business, Process, or Technology- they are about, and because of, people. Members of this group actively work with each other and within their organizations to elevate the Practices of Leadership, Team Work and Humanity in the Work Place. We walk the talk.

Qualifying Core Values

Builder/Founder Mentality
Team Work Mentality
Humanity - Servant Leader
Self-Improvement – Voracious Learner

Qualifying Employment

Criteria A
Gainfully employed at the time of application.
Gainfully employed for 9 out of the past 12 months, or...

Criteria B (Entrepreneurs)
Made at least 100K in the last 12 months.

Qualifying Sponsorship

Sponsorship is not currently required to apply for membership to this Meetup. The first 40 members of this Meetup group will be its founding members. Once the Founding Members are in place, all new member applications will require sponsorship from two existing members.

Here is a brief look at the application process:

1. Submit a request to join the 120VC Meetup Group: The request will require that you answer 4 qualifying questions. Your answers to these questions will be reviewed to ensure you meet the basic membership requirements. Please take the questions seriously as this is your opportunity to make a solid first impression.

2. Application Review: Once received, your application will be reviewed by your local membership committee to ensure that all criteria is met.

3. Membership Communication: Upon receipt of your application, your local membership committee will schedule an interview with you to further explore your interest in the 120VC Meetup Community.

4. Commencement: When your application is accepted, the membership committee will verify your employment history, and accept your application to your local Meetup group. As a member you will have access to the Meetup calendar, all scheduled Meetups, and the ability to work with our community to make a difference.

5. Orientation and Training: Since we are just getting started, we don’t have a formal new member orientation. Once the group has grown to include the first 40 members, those Founding Members will work together to develop the Meetup programing for the following 12 months, and new member orientation.

Member Dues

There are no member dues at this time. Applicants are responsible for providing employment verification via Equifax. This service costs applicants $35 and is requested after your application has been accepted.

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