What we're about

This is a group for anyone who want to achieve financial independence. It is probably the ultimate goal for everyone, but the majority probably will never be able to reach it...

We are here to help people to find the right path to that goal, we focus on educating our members about:

* Investment, so they can accumulate wealth consistently without market risks;
Retirement planning, so they can plan their retirement, without worrying about outliving their income;
* Tax reduction, we educate our members about how to minimize their tax responsibilities;
* College planning and funding, we educate our members about how to obtain the maximum financial aid so they never have to worry about breaking their bank;
* Protection, we educate our members to find the best way to protect themselves, their families or anybody they love;

We want our members become financially literate, so that they make informed decision about their own financial future.

We also welcome anyone to join us, because education is not our goal, our goal is to help everyone to build enough wealth toward their own independence financially.

So for those, who just want to learn the knowledge, we will provide free seminars and free educations who is willing to learn;

For those, who want to build a long term profitable business of their own, we provide the business platform, the education and mentorship, so they can jump start their business with literally no cost, we will also train them how to grow their business;

For those, who love to make passive income, even if you don't have time to work yourself, we will help you to achieve that.

Does it sound too good to be true?

Then, what are you waiting for?

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Upcoming events (5+)

Build a Financial Superstructure

39355 California Street, Suite 201B, Fremont, CA

🤔 Want to control your own financial future? 🤔 Want to achieve freedom FINANCIALLY? 🤔 Want to travel around the world without worrying about expenses? Come to this 👉 FREE Meetup Event👈; We will provide with you informed educations, so 🔥 you can help yourself with your own financial future, 🔥 you can help your family or anybody you love to plan their financial future, or 🔥 you can build a business if you are willing to make some extra passive income by helping others. 🤔 Do you know 62% of millennials "have considered starting their own business”? But less than 2 percent of millennials (born after 1980) in 2014 were self-employed, compared with 7.6 percent of Generation Xers (born[masked]) and 8.3 percent of baby boomers (born[masked]) All because we all facing the financial challenge, that is, 🌟🌟“How money works!”🌟🌟 At this FREE LEARN & EARN EVENT, we will share with you how to make your money work for you... How to build strong financial foundation towards your financial freedom... How to build a business of your own with 🏁 unlimited passive income potentials, 🏁 flexible working hours, 🏁 Free mentoring from industry leaders, 🏁 NO employees or payrolls, 🏁 NO startup costs or overhead, 🏁 NO inventory or lawsuit ==> RSVP to reserve a seat <== See you there!

Business Orientation

39355 California Street, Suite 201B, Fremont, CA

We are looking for capable people to join our team!! Who we are? We are one of the fastest growing financial marketing companies, we are Transamerica, there are three divisions, investment, insurance and financial planning. We are the financial planning division. What we do? We help businesses, families and individuals by educating them about investment, retirement planning, tax, education, protection and asset management... If you have entrepreneurship mindset, hard working, not afraid talking to people, and willing to help others, you will sure make a perfect candidate. Our business is expanding so fast, currently we have many people with different background in our team, if you don't know about finance, we have trainings to offer; If you don't know anything about business, we have business class to offer for you to get started. If you are working full time, looking for part time opportunities, we have many people working part time with us and make descent income.. Or if you are looking for a plan B, a secure and stable opportunity, you are welcome to our event and explore more. ==> Come and explore our "Business Orientation"; you may be the next entrepreneur, or the next millionaire... So give yourself a chance, you will never know what you can do, unless you try it... RSVP to reserve a spot.

Building a Profitable Business with Literally No Cost

39355 California Street, Suite 201B, Fremont, CA

😕Why does McDonald, Home Depot, Starbucks make big money? Because they have a easy to follow business model, platform and system, it is easy to duplicate their business model, so they can make big money. 👉 At this event we will share with you an easy to follow business model, system and platform so you can start a business easily and grow your business easily, as easily duplicable as McDonald’s. 😕 For almost every business, you will need to some startup investment before it can make some profit? 👉 At this event, we will share with you a business model with litervally no startup or overhead cost. 😕 For business with employees, an extra 37% on top of what the employees are paid will need to be paid to IRS? 👉 At this event, we will share with you an easy business model without employees or payrolls, so you can keep all the profit to yourself. 🔥🔥Imagine what you could feel, if you have a business of your own with unlimited passive income potentials, without worrying about overhead or startup cost, without worrying about employees or payrolls, without inventory or lawsuit. Come to this meetup event, we will not only share with you all the information you need to start up your own business, we will also share with you all the knowledge, training and mentorship to get you started with your own franchise business. See you all... So RSVP to reserve a spot.

Employees to Entrepreneurs

39355 California Street, Suite 201B, Fremont, CA

😴 Are you working 40 hours a week without seeing your kids growing up? Are you planning to work 40 years of your life to make someone else rich? Are you planning to retire on 40% of what you couldn't afford to live of your choice? Are you concerned about losing your job? What if I can show you a way to smoothly transition into entrepreneurship from a full time employee? What if I can show you a way to smoothly step into entrepreneurship without losing your employment income? I just want to let you know that life is also full of joy, job is not part of your life; commuting and office politics are not part of your life; stock investment is great but it still has market risk and taxable; real estate investment is also great, but the profit is still taxable. You should have plenty of joyful things to do in your life, such as travel, watching your kids growing up, enjoying your family time, hanging out with friends or enjoying sunshine on a beach... I am sure if you have enough time of your own, you will find plenty of meaningful and joyful things to do, other than wasting your life in commuting, office politics, worrying about market risks. At this event, we will share with you who we are, what we do, and how we can help you to transition into entrepreneurship smoothly, as well as some of the basic financial topics, including investment, retirement, tax planning, protection... We will show you how to start a business from scratch, how to generate supplemental passive income for life with virtually no cost... Even if you are not ready to start the business yet, don't you think it will be beneficial just to learn the knowledge and the skills? So you make informed decision about your own financial future, you can help yourself, your family and your friends... If you are open to new business opportunities, willing to learn and has an entrepreneur spirit, you will be half your way to succeed in this business, no matter whether you want to do it full time, part time or just a plan B. 🤩 Imagine what it feels like, if you can start a business of your own with unlimited passive income potentials, with flexible working hours, with no overhead, no startup cost, no employees, no payrolls, no inventory, no lawsuits... 🤩Imagine what it feels like if you have passive income to cover your expenses even if you are not actively working... 🤩 Imagine what it feels like, if you can build a legacy for your family, you become a role model or hero for your little ones, you never have to say "NO" to your little ones because of monetary reasons... ... 😇 Come and join us at this FREE event, we will show you how to make the transition, switch from employee to entrepreneurship, we will share with you how to start a business with passive income, we will also provide training and mentorship for you to grow as a leader... See your there!

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