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Live Webinar: “Getting Started on Quantopian” with Max Margenot
Please join us for the next Quantopian webinar, “Getting Started on Quantopian” at 10am EDT on October 24th. This webinar will be hosted by Quantopian’s Data Science Lead Max Margenot. You can sign up for the webinar for FREE today: “Getting Started on Quantopian” Quantopian’s "Getting Started" tutorial ( provides an overview of the tools available in the platform, and guides you through researching and developing your first quantitative trading strategy. This tutorial reflects everything we've learned about teaching quant finance. It introduces the proper research workflow, it introduces the right tools for each job, and it introduces the right practical concepts. Veterans of our platform might find a new tool or a step or a different approach that you don't utilize. For new community members, this is your chance to learn about the best tutorial on quantitative finance we've ever written. About the Speaker: Max's background is in applied mathematics, statistics, and quantitative finance. He runs the online lecture series at Quantopian and is responsible for workshop curriculums and educational content. In addition to having experimented with algorithmic trading of cryptocurrencies and Bayesian estimation of covariance matrices, Max has published work in theoretical mathematics. He works with top universities including Columbia, U Chicago, and Cornell and holds a MS in Mathematical Finance from Boston University. Register today:

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Austin Algorithmic Trading is for anyone interested in creating and using algorithms in the financial markets. We arrange talks from practicing quants, algorithmic traders, trading technology experts, and academics. Our focus is practical, rather than theoretical. We enjoy talking about how to automate the purchase and sale of securities using statistics, machine learning, data mining, and algorithms.

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