Mindfulness for Life - 8 Wk Course

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Bru Columbanus

Wilton · Cork

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8 Week 'Mindfulness for Life' course to help you develop a solid grounding in the practice of Mindfulness Meditation. Teachings from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Positive Psychology and Buddhist Psychology are also incorporated to help you find peace and cope more skillfully with everyday life stresses & challenging thoughts when they arise.

Developed & facilitated by Jean O Hanlon BSc., HDPsych.

Mindfulness Teacher, Sleep Therapist, Health & Wellness Coach.

Suitable for all - beginners and those wishing to refresh their practice all welcome!

Course Outline:

Week 1. Introduction to Mindfulness

Week 2. Mindfulness in Everyday Living

Week 3. Autopilot & Negative Thinking

Week 4: Self-Compassion

Week 5: The Power of Gratitude

Week 6: Mindful Communication

Week 7: Acceptance

Week 8: Letting Go

This course includes both educational and experiential elements, ensuring you will have plenty of meditation practice whilst also gaining a thorough understanding of the psychology of stress, anxiety & depression and the effects on body & mind.

Classes are kept small as we understand you may not like speaking in front of a large group. We aim to create a warm, safe & confidential space where you can fully relax and enjoy maximum benefit from this practice.

Price: 210 euro. Includes Guided Mindfulness Meditations CD & Course Guidebook.

About Jean

Jean started her journey into the Wellness world 10 years ago through standard university studies in Psychology (UCC) followed by Counselling & Psychotherapy (PCI College.) After a period of living life stressed, overworked and with chronic insomnia, Jean suffered a spell of poor health with no answers or help from the Western medical world. This pushed Jean to search for healing in new directions. It was during this time that she stumbled across Eastern Philosophies and the Buddhist teachings of Mindfulness. This opened up a whole new world of knowledge & wisdom, and seeing the world through new eyes, Jean experienced significant, life-changing benefits in both body & mind from the practice. Inspired in particular by the teachings of Buddhist Zen Master - Thich Nhat Hanh - Jean has become a committed practitioner and has spent a cumulative period of over 3 months living and studying at his home and retreat centre, Plum Village, France. Here, Jean enjoys strengthening her practice by living fully in Mindfulness with the monastics, and with every trip to France comes renewed inspiration and motivation to share the joy of Mindfulness with the rest of the world. Having witnessed the transformation in herself and countless others, Jean believes that everybody has the capacity to cultivate an inner refuge and find a place of stillness within, amidst the chaos of today's modern society.

About Mindfulness:

Mindfulness Meditation is an Eastern meditative practice developed by Buddhist monks ~2,500 years ago. It has been scientifically proven to have a wide range of benefits - on physical, mental and emotional levels.


Improved ability to cope with life stress, improved concentration, clearer thinking, more restful and restorative sleep, increased ability to live in the present, gratitude and appreciation for life, better communication and less conflict in relationships, reduction in stress and anxiety levels, reduced likelihood of depression relapse, and ultimately increased happiness and inner peace. Recent studies have even proved that Mindfulness Meditation can reverse cell aging! This list is not exhaustive.

Mindfulness meditation can provide immediate benefits but when practiced consistently over time, the cumulative effects can be life changing and life prolonging. You will move away from the frantic "doing" mode of life, to a slower, healthier, "being" mode.

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