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Let me put this upfront - this is about Network Marketing. Now, I know what most of us would do. Google it -> Read about it from people who failed in it -> Get discouraged -> Promise yourself to never let anyone you care about get into it.
But if you're a smart person who understands that building any business takes effort AND hear both sides of the story, you'll realise why an IIT Graduate like me who's already earning quite well is working on it passionately along with other IIT-IIM entrepreneurs. If you already have an image in your mind that this is a pyramid scheme, it's unfortunate. A genuine network marketing opportunity vs a pyramid scheme, they are as different as sun is from moon.

Oh you've come so far! Congratulations! Good to know you like to evaluate things based on YOUR research and not believe what the general opinion is.
So here goes my next pitch - if you've heard about the book "Rich Dad Poor Dad", I know that you already are a person interested in building an income outside your work. If you don't know about it, google it. You'll know how famous the book and the author are. The author endorses this opportunity big time in 1 of his other books. Let me put things into perspective for you.
i) 80%+ of the regular jobs (probably including yours) will be replaced by AI in the next 20 years. Still feel secure with your job? If yes, is your security sustainable?
ii) 97% of the businesses that were started in Bangalore in the last 5 years have failed. Still think starting on your own is easy?
iii) The remaining 3% of the businesses that were remotely successful required huge amount of investment. Do you have it? Even a tea franchise costs 5 lakh+.

Solution- Network Marketing. An opportunity that is simple to start with and has the potential to help you financially retire for life , but without the right mentorship and focus, you are bound to fail :) This is an opportunity where 100s have succeeded but thousands more have failed. The ratio of success in any business opportunity is the same, even Network Marketing. While in traditional businesses, you lose a lot of money, this opportunity lets you start with zero investment

Coming to the author of the book Rich Dad Poor Dad, his name is Robert Kiyosaki, who after a few years also wrote a book named "Business of the 21st Century". He mainly talks about Network Marketing in the book and explains the real value of the business. He is a successful billionaire, and has several businesses as well as real estate income sources. And yet, he mentioned in an interview that if he had to start from scratch again, he would get into network marketing.

Now, it's your decision to listen to your friends/online sources where anyone can write any bullshit OR you can decide to evaluate it yourself and choose to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey.
I'm getting mentored directly from amazing set of entrepreneurs in network marketing, who have retired in their early 30s itself. When was the last time you heard someone retiring in early 30s?
Trust me, without mentorship from such people, becoming successful is extremely hard, especially in Network Marketing. We have fun building this, with business workshops, celebrations, parties, outings, and more importantly, developing great habits to succeed not just in business, but also in life.

So yes, join the group if you are willing to explore. You may read the above mentioned book first and then decide to join. It's your decision. If you are willing become a business partner with me or my team, you will be going through a qualification process. Like i said, we choose people who are very very passionate and display the hunger to escape the corporate ladder :)

Last thing. What we are looking for from you:
- This is a part-time opportunity. That's the best part. So make sure you have a full-time job that can support you while you build this business parallelly. You will find many people in my team who have worked hard in this opportunity, started earning more than their full-time jobs, and then decided to quit. Ideally, this should be the approach.
- Make sure you have the time with you to build this. This means that weekend parties and netflix ko bolo bye bye. We're sorry, we want serious entrepreneurs here.
- Dream big. We don't want people who are thinking of making an extra INR 5-10k. There are people making crores in our team. We need people who are aiming for that.
If you have all of these, do join.

I'll answer a few FAQs below:
i) What is Network Marketing in simple words?
- We work in the industry of network distribution, wherein we help manufacturers connect with the consumers directly using ecommerce and social networks, avoiding the distribution channel in between, and work on a sale commission basis, similar to how a Patanjali shop owner earns commission on every sale. The business model is called "Direct Selling", which is a $200 Billion industry.
ii) Is it all about selling products and getting more people?
Ans: I can't comment on the second part of it, but there is definitely selling involved. Do you know of any organisation which doesn't involve sale of a product or service? A business owner needs to be skilled at selling his company to customers, to employees, and to investors. So nobody who wants to build a successful business can escape that. The sooner I understood that, the faster I could come out of "Employee" mindset, and think like a business owner.
To address the second concern, what you're describing is chain marketing/pyramid schemes, which are illegal, and i personally don't have the time to waste on that. I'm well educated to fall for that. My team and I, who hail from various backgrounds, IITs, IIMs, highly qualified doctors, IAS officers etc. work on a simple model of creating new business partner networks so that we are able to grow our revenues through sale of products. A proven model endorsed by biggies like Robert Kiyosaki, Warren Buffet, Clinton etc.
iii) Who are these mentors exactly running the mentorship program?
- My mentors are people who have achieved immense success in the venture I'm currently setting up. I'll give you an example of 1 person. His name is Ankur, who's an IIT D graduate 1999, but seeing no real purpose in a 9-5 job, he started the venture alongside his job at 24, and by the age of 28, he was able to make double the income he was making in his job, and so he decided to financially retire.
So all of my team of mentors are similar people who run this mentorship program for qualified people who have similar dreams and are unsure of what can get them there.

So to sum it all up, all i can tell you is this-
You give a chance to this opportunity and promise to not give up, I can bet you on my life that nothing can stop you from achieving true financial freedom. Come, be a part and decide to not be an average.
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