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I’m on vacation—I’ll start tomorrow. My job is providing free lunch today—I’ll start tomorrow. It’s wedding season and all my friends are getting married—I’ll start tomorrow. And the list continues. If we keep saying, “I’ll start tomorrow,” we’ll never start. If you can commit to meeting up regularly, weighing-in, and supporting each other to make healthy choices, this is the place for you. We’ll run an honest environment where we can talk about our health challenges and use each other for support when we’re falling off and making unwise decisions. This is not a place where a professional will tell you how to work out or how to eat well—this is a community where we can talk about our lives, our families, our trauma, our relationships with others, our relationships with food, our levels of self-confidence, and how all of these areas are oftentimes connected. Each week, a few people who feel comfortable will share stories about why they have found weight loss difficult. Together, we’ll offer support and suggestions, and we’ll commit to an action step. Weigh-ins can feel scary and embarrassing, but they are important in this group. We will ensure you are respected and safe. This group is suggested for people who want to lose 30 or more pounds this year.

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