What we're about

[We are for now an online group only - we do online events.]

We are a community of women professionals, entrepreneurs, visionary leaders and mothers who support each other for the following aims:

* To enjoy the delight, freedom & gifts of a well-nourished soul, even in the busiest of lives.

* Gain an illuminated path with practical guidance to make a profound impact on the world while reclaiming your time & energy.

* To uncover your unique & authentic confidence with effective tools to quiet your inner critic and reveal the multidimensional influencer and leader inside of you.

* To break the generational inheritance of assumptions, beliefs & patterns that no longer serve you and to decide what you want to carry forth and what you want to transform for good.

* Fostering a protected community in which you can set down your facade and be guided through the raw and vulnerable experiences of life without armor or anxiety.

We would love you to join us! Please join the group.

We provide the following types of events:

* Short educational trainings to help you breakthrough to a higher level of confidence.

* Networking events to help you connect with others.

* Social events to have fun and to deepen connections.

* And much more.

We look forward to having you join us. Please join the group.

Allison Kinnear, Organizer

Past events (5)

[ONLINE]Empowered & Intuitive Living without Armor or Anxiety

This event has passed

[ONLINE]Invite Nourishment, Delight, Intuition during Uncertain Times

This event has passed

[ONLINE]Navigating Uncertainty in Leadership & Life--Self-Care, Intuition & more

This event has passed

[ONLINE]Empowered Leadership, Self-care, Intuition - Navigating thru Uncertainty

This event has passed