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High Peaks/Old Pinnacles/Condor Gulch trail (Pinnacles national park) - 12.2m

Pinnacles! Time to go back and check out the caves (which should be fully open the last week of Oct.).
This trail is rated as hard. Bring plenty of sun/wind protection and fluids to drink. Also, don't forget headlamps and facemasks for the cave sections.
I plan to enter via the east entrance and park at Old Pinnacles Trail parking).
This trail is a loop, 12.2 miles long with 3244 ft. of elevation gain.


Loop Through Monte Bello, Skyline Ridge, Russian Ridge and Coal Creek - 11m

This loop is rated as moderate and is 11m long with about 2000ft of elevation gain.
Most of the hike is exposed but there are sections with shade. A lot of reviews say that the views from the summit of Black Mountain are great. This trail goes through 4 or 5 different parks so it should be a nice mix of views and terrain.

Matt Davis, Catarac to Stinson Beach (Mt. Tamalpais State Park) - 11.3m

This loop is rated as Hard and is 11.3 miles long with about 3100ft of elevation gain. I can't find much descriptive information about the hike, but looking through the pictures posted, it looks like its pretty exposed. Expect plenty of sun, wind, fog and cooler coastal temps. Oh - and hills, expect plenty of uphill.


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