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D3:Is Bitcoin Mining Energy Consumption a Threat?+ Special Guest: Federico Tenga
Hi, Next Meetup is Bitcoin Debate 3 (D3). I am going to explain the principles of Bitcoin mining and why is vital for Bitcoin security. I am going to discuss why the energy consumed by Bitcoin mining is NOT wasted energy and not as an environmental threat as they want you to believe. I am going to present my argument in the usual format and would like anyone participating to take the opposite stand. Also, we are going to have a special guest joining us: Federico Tenga from Chainside: For those that don't know Federico, a brief summary below: * Bitcoin early adopter, * Co-founder at Chainside * Consultant for blockchain implementations. Medium: Twitter: YouTube: Federico is going to talk about "Smart Contracts". Join us. Yours Truly, BitKnow Follow me on Twitter: @BitKnow Join YouTube Channel: Join Telegram Channel:

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