What we're about

This group is open to everyone who wants to learn more about racism in America. We will be dedicated to educating ourselves on issues the Black community faces through discussion, reading, and various activities. The goal of this group IS NOT to claim that because we are discussing & learning about race that we are not racist— the goal of this group is to educate us to be ANTI-RACIST. What this means is that we will acknowledge that we were raised in a racist system, so that racism is something that we must all combat DAILY. Fighting racism is a personal battle— one that must come from each one of us if we are to find any real change.

About the group moderators

I (Brandy) have spent the last 10 years learning about, fighting, educating, and teaching about racism, the history of race, and the concept of Anti-racism. I have a Masters from the University of South Florida in Africana Studies with a focus on racism in America (particularly lynching, disenfranchisement, and Jim Crow).

As a White woman, I am speaking, not from personal experience of racism, but rather from years of study & scholarship.

I (Angela) have spent 50 years as a Black woman in America who has personal experience with racism and its influence on the everyday lives of Black women as mothers, daughters, wives and employees. As a "survivor" of an interracial household who has been deeply immersed in "white culture" from an early age, I am coming to this with an ability to see the world through multiple lenses. I have an undergraduate degree from Ohio State University in Strategic Communications (Analysis and Practice) and I am currently pursuing a Masters in Education (Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction).

Through this platform we are hoping to facilitate meaningful dialogue (and action) by bringing community members together who share in a common goal of analyzing the current social divide with the intent to create and sustain personal and systemic change.

If you plan on attending the meetings for this group, please come with an open heart & an open mind. None of what we discuss is going to be easy. None of what we read will be easy either. Racism is ugly, and we must acknowledge that in order to move forward.

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