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Sahaja Yoga Meditation
Сахаджа Йога в Москве Занятия йогой в Москве Приглашаем вас на программы по Сахаджа Йоге. На них вы сможете узнать о том, что такое Сахаджа Йога, вам расскажут о чакрах, вы сможете получить Самореализацию (пробуждение Кундалини), познакомиться с практикой Сахаджа Йоги, научиться медитации и узнать о различных методах самопознания, развития и достижения внутреннего баланса. Сахаджа йога - медитативная практика, которую создала Шри Матаджи Нирмала Деви. Ее метод пробуждения Кундалини прост и эффективен, вы можете попробовать применить его прямо сейчас. На занятия по Сахаджа Йоге ничего с собой приносить не нужно.

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Pushkinskaya Metro/ Cherry Cafe · Moscow

What we're about

Calling all Seekers of the truth. This group is formed to introduce Sahaja Yoga that will transform your life. It is the truth that you are seeking.

Sahaja yoga meditation is free of cost now and forever all around the world. The Process of Kundalini Awakening is the Foundation of Sahaja yoga. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi discovered a spontaneous method of awakening the Kundalini in 1970 which can be passed on to others without paying money, acquiring a diploma or degree, or without becoming a disciple.

Benefits of Sahaja yoga meditation -

In the process of evolution, Mankind is higher up on the evolutionary stage compared to the animals and it is because of these, mankind has access to all the luxuries, comforts, knowledge, power to achieve, reach out to the universe and more that is unimaginable for the animals. Even within the humankind, the person who is more evolved lets say in education is higher up than the uneducated person. The key is to go up on the evolutionary ladder.

When the Kundalini is awakened we go up on the ladder of evolution to the next level and go higher up as we meditate and maintain and strengthen the awakening. We get the access to the whole new dimension of the Cosmic Vibrations that help us in all the ways to make our life smooth, enjoyable and full of joy. Effects and benefits of Sahaja yoga meditation, Thanks to Shri Mataji for opening the whole new dimension for mankind are as under.

It has curative effects, is a natural stress buster, restores emotional balance, reduces anxiety and is different from any other techniques as the awakening happens spontaneously and without any effort.

To achieve maximum benefit what do we need to do?

All that the practitioners need to do is to have a desire for the Kundalini awakening and

a - meditate briefly every morning
b- Do foot soaking in salt water every night, Meditate briefly after foot soak.
c - Come to collective meditation once every week to a center near you.

All this is free now and forever as mentioned earlier. If you are anxious and would like to Experience Meditation right away you can get your self realisation online right now at

Weekly Meditation

Every Tuesday 1100hrs to 1230hrs and 1900hrs to 2000hrs at Nactansiky per. 8/2, 5th floor, room no. 501, nearest metro Pushkinskaya
Call Neelam on +79096843490 or email at if you have any questions.

Directions - The way out to the Izvestia publishing house, from the metro to the right towards Mayakovskaya metro station, 1 st lane to the right.

Nastasinsky per., 8, p. 2, 5th floor, room 501.

You can just drop in on any of the centres closest to you. Find on the link

Busy, No Problem. Start online classes free

The Weekly meeting starts at 1100hrs to 1230hrs and 1900hrs to 2000hrs

Any Questions pls free to call Neelam on +79096843490

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