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My reason for creating this Meetup is to bring people together who are aware of the spiritual side of what is happening on our planet right now. People who feel connected to the Universal divine intention flowing through themselves and also sense that same energy awakening people across our planet that will guide us into a new way of being. A world where love, peace, cooperation, collaboration and the knowing that we are all one will guide our future – what is often referred to by a number of terms - ascension, transformational energies and higher vibrations creating this shift to a new dimension on Earth. We can share our stories, ideas, and whatever various books, publications, meditations, and the many related uplifting and inspiring various blogs, videos and articles that can be found on the web. Also, some say there are what is called “ascension symptoms” that some may be aware of and could discuss if they are being affected in that way. It should be lots of fun to connect with those we feel a kinship with; and also support each other to stay inspired and remember the what we know is true when it appears the opposite at times.

This meetup is still in its formation stage and a meeting place has not yet been selected; but I imagined a public place either outdoors or a small casual restaurant or coffee house. Ideas are welcome and appreciated. Having fun, feeling uplifted and sharing with what I like to call our family of light is what it’s all about... which inspired the name of our group.

I've included one of my all time favorite inspiring videos that always raises my vibration and touches my heart. Hope you enjoy it!


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