What we're about

This group is for brand managers and digital marketers who believe in the value of customer experience as a way to stand out, gain competitive advantage, and create brand loyalty. This is a forum to share example case studies, websites, mobile apps, and marketing campaigns.

Have you had an awesome (digital) experience with a brand that made you passionate and loyal? ... share it here.

Have you found it difficult to switch brands because the one you enjoy using is so effortless and personalized to your needs that you gladly and knowingly pay a premium? ... share it here.

Are you open to improving your own brand's experience in order to create a competitive advantage? ... join this group, and let's inspire each other.

This group is for:

- CMO's & Brand Managers
- Digital Marketers
- Mobile App Developers
- UX/UI Designers
- Startup Founders
... anyone passionate about customer experience

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