Poking the DevOps Hornets nest, in 2019 starting with a DevOps Manifesto

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Now that we have let the cat out of the bag with our announcement last week about poking the hornet's nest... its time for a DevOps manifesto!

Because - DevOps != Agile
Because - DevOps != Dev/Dev !=Tools !=Technology
Because - DevOps = (in part) a mindset across a whole organization

We need a manifesto that builds out what our core principles, values and goals of DevOps are, and is updated as and when needed to reflect continuous "evolving" improvements.

Be part of the manifesto which we hope to reach globally through our international contacts, publications and make available online.

Join Willy-Peter Schaub and Brent Reed as we host the event with the draft manifesto presented for your input and further development.

Mark 2019 to actually define what the heck DevOps is and how we plan to support it!