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This group is for a few courageous folks ready to come home to their soul.

In my belief and experience, we have a part of our self that speaks through intuition, nudges, and resonance as well as holds the key to unlocking our greatest desires, dreams, and creative aspirations – whatever calls to be expressed from your soul.

My intention with Soul Searching group is to take this relationship and break it down into practical steps to share with those seeking to connect with their soul.

I’ll walk you through discovering and deciphering your own unique soul language. The soul is a storyteller and speaks to us through connection + creativity, signs + synchronicities, and feeling + resonance to guide.

We each have that inner voice that whispers, guides, or puts exactly what you need at the time on your path. It’s always there, it’s you who either pays attention or passes it off as a coincidence or wishful thinking versus intuition or inner guidance.

Life is in the moments you choose to feel the depth. And the moments you pause and listen, are the moments you truly can transform your life, yourself, and allow the path unfolding *just* for you.

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