What we're about

This is a group for those ready to take the steps towards overcoming Social Anxiety Disorder.

This group will serve two purposes: one, as a place to network with other group members and set up one-on-one or small group meetups for those with particularly severe social anxiety that feel they aren't ready to throw themselves into group settings just quite yet; and two, as a way to participate in weekly group meetings where we will work on exposure therapy and creating healthier social behaviors in a gradual way.

Weekly exposure challenges and meetups will be discussed and hashed out beforehand so that we can agree upon things that are neither too easy—nor too difficult—to engage in depending on where we are all at with our level of social anxiety. Meetups could include beach activities, getting coffee or lunch together, hiking, attending live music performances, and so on.

I genuinely look forward to working together with everyone on overcoming social anxiety. Feel free to introduce yourselves to one another and leave your suggestions regarding weekly exposure challenges in the comments so that we can get started on the first step of this journey together.


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