What we're about

This group is for anyone who wants to deal with life's difficulties more effectively during Covid - and beyond.

We're going to keep it real on here. I'm not going to show you how to treble your income, persuade people to sleep with you or meditate your way to enlightenment. There are plenty of other Meetups for that!

Most importantly, The Life is built around Meetup’s core idea of bringing people with similar interests together.Take a look at our past and upcoming events. If you like what you see you are qualified to join!

If you've been to any of my other Meetups you'll know I run a relaxed and friendly group and I have only two requests:

1 Be nice to the other people you meet here!
2 If you RSVP and then find out you can't make it PLEASE let me know

About me:
My name is Tom Gold, I'm a Life Coach and a Bushcraft Instructor. I'm a huge believer in the power the outdoors has to improve our wellbeing and while I coach people in a variety of areas, probably the most important for me is entitlement.

You ARE entitled to be happy and you ARE entitled to be fulfilled.

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