What we're about

''I can't even draw a straight line but I still want to learn to draw.''

''I CAN draw a straight line but I want to learn to draw other things too.''

''I can't draw.''

''I'm a nice person: polite, respectful, considerate of others and non-judgemental.''


''I'm patient and enthusiastic about learning.''

Were you described above? Then you belong here with us!


First the bad news:

I can't draw either!

and now, the good news:

I have taught before (a different subject) and it's kind of my passion.

and I wanna learn how to draw too!

So, we're all going to learn how to draw together in a casual relaxed style.

Here is how: I'll study the material for our session in advance, then prepare a and teach it during our session.

There will be a small charge of £5 for my time and expenses. However, should you not find it satisfactory, it is 100% refundable!

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