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Most people’s largest asset is their 401k. It usually gets treated like a savings account: ya make monthly contributions, while hoping/praying that the balance is dramatically higher when the time comes to withdraw. Sadly, most people have absolutely no idea about how to manage their largest asset... in my opinion that’s crazy!

The irony of this 401k Meetup group is that the person hosting it does NOT have a 401k! I used to, but left corporate America over a decade ago, at age 41, to manage my own dollars. Over the years, I’ve shown lots of people how to do the same. I’m continually shocked/amazed that people are totally uneducated about how to do this – the impact can be dramatic. What's amusing is that most people say they’d like the ability to leave their job, yet they spend all of their time figuring out how to get a raise/promotion. Typical raises are 2 to 5%. If you’ve been working for a few years, your 401k is probably greater than $50k. Earning an extra few percent per year on the 401k will dwarf any raise you’ll get in salary. And this is something that you can get year after year after year, without kissing up to your boss! In addition, the time/energy spent learning to do this is far less than the time/energy you’ll spend to get that raise.

There is nothing to buy (or sell) at this session. Have you noticed that there is nobody providing guidance/education about 401k, beyond "poke your dollars away and hope the account balance rises..." It’s because the HR dept doesn’t know; and the finance industry can’t easily get paid by showing you how (that’s assuming they even know). I’m willing to take on the task, and do it without getting paid.