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I am looking to gather with musicians in Manhattan to play music leisurely on a weekday night twice a month, between the hours of 7:00 - 9:00 PM. I prefer working on songs, but not to imitate the original version. Although my background is in blues, rock, and jazz, this meetup is focusing primarily on jazz tunes. As a guitarist, I am looking for musicians of other instruments—percussion, bass, horns, any aerophone, for example. Players of definite-pitch instruments should be able to play and improvise to chord changes that include m7-5, dim 7, 7+5, etc., and key changes. It is also helpful if you can read music (at least a bit).

I am usually joined with very nice people: another guitarist/bassist, flautists, trumpet and trombone players, a pianist and other guests. We are only looking for members who will attend. If you want to join, you should intend to participate at least once every 3 or 4 sessions. We value relations more than a long membership list; therefore, I periodically edit the list to reflect people who actually engage with the group.

When you join, you should also complete the questionnaire to the organizer stating what instruments you play and how long you've been playing each. When a session is posted, you would need to RSVP as soon as you know you can make the date. If all the spots are taken, I still recommend you RSVP so you are on the waiting list (in case of a cancellation). There are cases when we bring in a musician on the waiting list (even if all spots are full) because we could use that instrument. If you need to cancel, you can change the RSVP and leave me a note. No one should RSVP and not show without notice.

Some of the material we have played at our sessions so far are songs played by Monk, Mulligan, Silver, et. al.: "In Walked Bud," "Nica's Dream," "Boplicity," "Well You Needn't," "I'll See You in My Dreams," "Killer Joe," "Strange Fruit," "Walking Shoes," "Making Whoopie," "I May Be Wrong," and more. For a short segment of the session, we may experiment with songs like Garner's "Fantasy on Frankie and Johnny," and Ive's "The Unanswered Question." So if you want to relax, have a drink, and improvise to some songs, become a member and plan to play.

Bob Hall

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Come to New York Musicians Meetup--Season 2, Episode 11--Jazz Jam.

• What we'll do: We will play instrumental music and improvise to a variety of songs that may include the following: Blues Riff in G (Wes Montgomery); All Blues in G, Boplicity in F (Miles Davis); Strollin' in Db and Nica's Dream in Bbm (Horace Silver); Tour de Force (Dizzy G.); Killer Joe (Golson); In Walked Bud in Ab, 'Round Midnight in Eb (T. Monk); Walking Shoes in G, Jeru in Eb, I May Be Wrong (Mulligan/Davis versions), Fantasy on Frankie and Johnny (Gardner), Laura; and other tunes adding a polyphonic flavor. • Important to know: We'd love to have another drummer and bassist attend (our current bassist is also a good guitarist). We have pianists, guitarists, mandolinist, percussionists, and other woodwind/brass instrumentalists. We welcome other players who can play this music. If you need lead sheets, you must RSVP to a session and provide your email address. The Meetup message system does not accept attachments, so I can't send lead sheets that way. You can send request to [masked] after reserving a spot for a future session. • What to bring: Bring your instrument(s), portable music stand, and BYOB (if you want).

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