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Series: Capital Vol. 1
What is Capital? Is it just money or something else? What exactly is money? Does it grow on trees? What is capitalism, exactly? What are its internal laws and logic? What are the patterns in its development? Let's read Marx's pioneering work : Capital Volume 1 which analyzes these questions clearly, demystifying the magic behind money and capital. Let's see how this relates to today's society in its day to day affairs. If this sounds intimidating or you're not into reading, don't be - just show up and we can discuss and teach each other and learn something from our collective knowledge. No such thing as a stupid question! The text is available for free here: Let's read Chapters 3 - 5. 3. Money, or the circulation of commodities: 4. The General Formula for Capital: 5. Contradictions in the General Formula of Capital:

Beacon Hill Branch Seattle Public Library

2821 beacon hill s. · Seattle, WA


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"Accumulation of wealth at one pole is, therefore, at the same time accumulation of misery, agony of toil, slavery, ignorance, brutality, mental degradation, at the opposite pole." - Marx

A booming stock market on one side, and climate change, endless imperialist wars, soaring poverty, homelessness, hunger, incarceration on the other. Welcome to capitalism.

"Marxism is dead!" proclaim media talking heads with a smug arrogance that only money can buy. Yet their persistent tireless and tiresome declarations of its irrelevance reveal the opposite fact: that it is the endurance and constant emergence of Marx's ideas across space and time that prompt such increasingly nervous denunciations.

As long as capitalism exists, so will Marx's critique of it keep emerging in popularity among the cogs of the machine - the workers of the world - especially when capitalism heads into yet another financial crisis or yet another war or yet another environmental disaster or yet another humanitarian catastrophe.

But what is Marxism? Simply put - the concrete analysis of concrete conditions. This simple core has animated billions of human beings across space and time, across all differences of language, race, tribe, nationality, ethnicity, gender, sexuality to theorize and struggle against exploitation and oppression in their various forms.

This group will aim to read and collectively discuss books, articles or essays - so that we can learn and share knowledge to develop a better understanding of the world we live in.

All are welcome - no prior knowledge or experience required, just good faith and curiosity!

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