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Do you find yourself juggling a hundred things and a mile-long to do list that prioritizes everyone else around you, but leaves little time to tend to yourself?

This is a group for women to connect in circle with other women, in an intimate setting. We get together at my home, or homes around the area, to connect and to have real, in-person conversations. Sometimes there's a specific topic of focus for discussion, and at other times we simply have the conversation that's there that week. It's a place to be seen, and to be heard. It's a place for sanctuary, for restoration, for community. I created this group bc I wanted to make space in my life for me and I want to help others make space in their lives for themselves too.

This is NOT a networking event or a place to sell your wares/services.

This is a place for genuine connection and soulful conversation. It's a place for finding back to yourself. My intention is to create get-togethers that feel intimate, so I'll cap attendance at 12 members. Topics will include:

• Self-Acceptance: Challenges to self-acceptance and how to deal with the inner critic

• Radical Self-Care: What it is and how to cultivate it?

• Gratitude and the Power of Positive Thinking

• Connecting with Soul: How to foster that connection and follow it's whisperings

• People-pleasing and learning to set boundaries

• Strategies for dealing with overwhelm

• Increasing Resilience

• How women play small: Finding your voice, your creativity and speaking up

• Mindfulness

• Neuroscience based practices for addressing negativity, self-criticism and increasing self-compassion

• Mind-Body Connection

• How our thoughts affect our emotions and behaviour and the results we get in life.

We start each meeting with introductions and then we settle down for a brief centering exercise before getting into the topic/theme of that week. Authors and thought leaders whose work will inspire discussion include: Brene Brown, Tara Mohr, Kristin Neff, Martha Beck, Elizabeth Gilbert, Gloria Steinbeck, Anne Lamott, Byron Katie and Tara Brach.

I will host some meetings at my home, and members may want to rotate meetings at their own homes. Or not. This group will grow and evolve organically based on the members that show up and the feedback received.

I'm always open for feedback so if there is a specific topic you'd like to address, feel free to message me.

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