What we're about

All things food matter to you.
The more exotic the better, yet in a simple earthly way.
You are hungry to learn about food that you don't know.
You are hungry to learn about the culture around that food, the why's and how's.
You believe Anthony Bourdain was your influencer, or maybe it was someone else.
You are eager to discover hidden gems and marketplaces around the GTA.
You are also eager to share your knowledge, because you believe, no one is smarter
than "all" of us, together. And finally, you also believe it's not just about eating, learning and being merry, but also about giving back to the community, even if it is in small ways.

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Assembly Chef's Hall

111 Richmond St W

Khau Gully (Indian)

Needs a location

Next stop - Anatolia, Turkey.


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